Jeansman as he appears in Ballad in rhythm jeans'
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Adult
Spouse(s) none
Parents none
Children none
Appearances Smile Guide, Mushroom Melodies
Portrayed by Łukasz Babula

Jeansman (origianlly Dżinsowy Człowiek, lit. "jeans human" or "human made of jeans") is side-character and possible antagonist. Not much is known about him.


Jeansman is ca. 20 cm taller than Agatha and Karoline . He has round glued-on eyes, located lower than normal. His real eyes are hidden under a headkerchief (which might be made of denim). He is wearing a denim jacket and trousers.


Jeansman has appeared in Ballad in rhythm jeans, How to your own hair, Smile guide: Halloween Special, and as a screamer in The Apple Escape.

Theories Edit

The Pied Piper of Mushroomland Edit

During the series, there are several hints of how the Jeansman kidnaps children at midnight to take them to Mushroomland. 

This is a part of the Sun Theory.

Jeansman is a pedophile/rapist. Edit

This is a part of the Rape Theory.

Jeans ''home'' is USA. Perhaps Jeansman is an American?

According to the Rape Theory, Agatha , Karoline and Beata are raped using drugs given to them by the Jeansman.

Jeansman is the leader of a resistance group. Edit

This is a part of the Nuclear War Theory.

Jeans were banned in Soviet territories for being a symbol of democracy/freedom. He may be abducting children (including Karoline and Agatha) into a resistance group against Communist rule and nuclear warfare.

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