I'm a type of a tomboy, I like biology and post stamps.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) none
Parents none
Children none
Appearances Smile Guide, Mushroom Melodies
Portrayed by Magda Ładuniuk

Karoline (originally Karolina) is the main character and singer in Mushroom Melodies and a recurring/guest one in Smile Guide.


Karoline is a young girl that appears within the age range of Agatha. She has seemingly long blonde hair and wears what seems to be an oversized jeans shirt and red tights. Like other human characters, Karoline has round cut-out paper eyes shrouding her actual eyes, but also wears a paper mouth over her lips, being the only character to do so in the series. 


Karoline has appeared in How to your own hair and Ballad in rhythm jeanswith small cameos in The Apple Escape and How to your baby. She also makes an appearance as the main character in Zofia Kopytlanka's book In The Land of Mushrooms.


Relationship with JeansmanEdit

Karoline's every appearance is followed by an appearance from the Jeansman, sparking theory about whether she may be linked to this character. This theory is furthered by her appearance in How to your own hair, where she appears by Jeansman, seemingly laughing and mocking Agatha. In Ballad in rhythm jeans, certain lyrics such as "Dżins, wypróbuj go już dziś!" (eng. Jeans, just try it for a bit) "Don't tell mom and dad" and "dżins to nasze słońce jest" (eng. jeans is our sun, my friend) implicate her as an advocate of the Jeansman, possibly even helping him. Her suggestive behavior around the Jeansman could also imply that some sort of sexual grooming was involved. She might even be a previous victim of the Jeansman but is forced to help with his bidding.

She is the second character with round paper eyes, the first one being the Jeansman. She also wears what it appears to be an oversized men's jeans shirt, implying an ambiguous connection between her and Jeansman. Her paper lips could symbolize her total corruption to Mushroomland. Not only has she been blinded of the truth, but also completely silenced, unlike Agatha.

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